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Featured Product-Fizzy Lizzy Juice Beverage

Posted on July 12th, 2010 | Posted in Featured Product

We have been carrying Fizzy Lizzy for the past 5 years and have been able to establish a nice market for this beverage, as the beverage industry has diversely expanded over the past decade. If you have not already tried Fizzy Lizzy you should definitely check it out!  Fizzy Lizzy is a Sofi award-winning (Outstanding Product Line and Outstanding Cold Beverage) blend of fruit juice + fizzy water with no added sugars or preservatives and an average of around 60% juice per bottle. Fizzy Lizzy is available in eight delicious flavors, each intensely juicy and incredibly thirst-quenching.  This beverage is a great alternative to the readily available soda drinks or sweet tea beverages.  A nice thirst quencher this summer! Price-$26.60

Item ID          Description                           Pack

CWBV710           Tangerine                                           6/4/12 oz

CWBV720          Ruby Red Grapefruit                     6/4/12 oz

CWBV730          Cranberry                                           6/4/12 oz

CWBV740          Pineapple                                           6/4/12 oz

CWBV750           Raspberry Lemon                           6/4/12 oz

CWBV760          Yakima Grape                                   6/4/12 oz

CWBV770           Fuji Apple                                           6/4/12 oz

CWBV800          Pomegranate                                     6/4/12 oz

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