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How to have an Internet Presence without a Website

Posted on July 20th, 2010 | Posted in Business Tips

As the internet becomes more and more useful for solving all of our dilemmas in life, I was wondering if there is a website out there that allows restaurants to post their menus on it?  I know that a lot of Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg restaurants do not yet have websites, but so many consumers look online to find restaurants.  They’ll pop up on google, but to my knowledge you can’t post menus there, or possibly you can via a PDF…Nonetheless I’m a big advocate for having some sort of internet presence, because I personally love looking at restaurants’s menus before I dine there. With this being said if you know of a website that allows restaurants to post their menus on it that would be wonderful! Please let us know. I came across dreats.com, but only found five restaurants listed in the Lancaster area and none of them have posted menus, which apparently is a free feature to the site.  I believe that your business will be ahead of the curve here in the Lancaster County area if you establish some sort of internet presence. If you are not ready to maintain a website then utilize your google business profile, and if you want to please this diner find a website to post your menu!!

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  1. I designed our website to allow us a presence until I am able to hire a professional. It has been very beneficial to our business.
    Thanks for the information.

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