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Featured Product-Freda Deli Meat

Posted on August 16th, 2010 | Posted in Featured Product

Freda is the brand that this business was founded on. Barry Mellinger purchased a Freda Route in 1980 and the company and product lines grew from there.  Freda is a premium deli luncheon meat that is known for being the very best quality possible, for deli meats.  If you have not yet tried the Freda brand please feel free to ask for a sample. The more you know about luncheon meats the more you will appreciate Freda’s quality and value.  We pride ourselves on selling the best!

Freda Pepper Ham and All Breast Turkey Sandwich

Freda Pepper Ham, 1/2 round 5#, Item-#FRD108-2

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  1. Interested in your products. Currently Boar’s Head Deli. Our business is growing.
    We are directly across the street from the Capitol.
    Speak with Ron or Jules. 717-854-8432

  2. I would love to try some German bologna

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