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Featured Product-Lotta Potato Soup

Posted on September 20th, 2010 | Posted in Featured Product

Potatoes Potatoes are my favorite thing
Author: Pamela Svoboda/Gone-ta-pott.com

Potatoe’s Potatoe’s are my favorite things.
Baked, fried or mashed up with cream.
Potatoe’s Potatoe’s are simply divine-
It’s smooth in the mouth & it ads to the thighs.
Potatoe’s Potatoe’s are white, beige or cream-
The colors don’t matter as long as not green.
Potatoe’s Potatoe’s, add butter to taste-
A little bit of salt and elastic in the waist.
Potato’s Potato’s, I eat them each day-
Baked, fried or any oh way.

Potato Soup

Just today as I was going one direction with our Featured Product post I came across that September is national potato month.  Take this little fact for what it is, but it does correlate nicely with wanting to feature a soup, and therefore Lotta Potato Soup it is!  As Fall creeps up on us I get excited for eating soups and trying new soup recipes.  Fall is also a good time to “ad to the thighs” as the poem states.  Lotta Potato Soup Isabelle’s, 1/8#, Item#-IS2313 Please check out all the soups that we sell at Hometown Provisions
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