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Featured Product-Pizza Boxes

Posted on September 13th, 2010 | Posted in Featured Product

Sticking to a pizza theme, I’d like to show off some of our pizza box options. ¬†Aside from pizza boxes we sell pizza peels, screens, paper liners, lid supporters and insulated delivery bags.

Pizza Boxes-14″ & 12″ corrugated, 50/CS, Item-#995107 & 995108

Pizza Box-16″ corrugated, 50/CS, Item-#995106

Pizza Box-18″ corrugated, 50/CS, Item-#995175

Pizza Box-10″ clay, 100/CS, Item-#995163

Pizza Box-12″ clay, 100/CS, Item-#995164

Pizza Box-14″ clay, 100/CS, Item-#995165

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