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Featured Products-Nostalgic Deli Meats

Posted on February 21st, 2011 | Posted in Featured Product

I recently came across an article on how American Chef’s are utilizing some of the brown bag deli meats of their youth, on their menus. They strive for being inventive as well as nostalgic. The only meat that we have not yet carried is Spam-“Launched in 1937, Hormel’s finely ground pork-and-ham gift to World War II Army grunts is spiced with salt and sugar (“SPiced” plus “hAM” equals SPAM) and bound together with potato starch.”  Here are a sampling of some of our brown bag deli meats, with a spot light on Mortadella the original Bologna from Bologna, Italy!

Deli Meat!!

Mortadella-Danielle, 2/5#, Item#-441201

Bologna-Butcher Wagon, 2/7#, Item#-HTF3201

Bologna-Minced Kunzler, 3/8.6#, Item#-KNZ1705

Pork Roll-Taylor, 2/6#, Item#-110077

Pork Roll-Trenton, 2/6#, Item#-110078

(Raisfeldd, Robin and Patronite, Rob. “Trendlet: Total Baloney.” New York Times 30 Jan. 2011. 21 Feb. 2011 <http://nymag.com/restaurants/features/70959/>)

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