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Posted on February 28th, 2011 | Posted in Monthly Specials

With St. Patrick’s Day coming next month we are featuring Freda Corned Beef as well as other non traditional Irish Fare…Salt, Sugar, Kohler Pastrami and Brown Bags.

Freda Corned Beef & Kohler Pastrami

Brown Bags

Salt & Sugar

Product Sale

Date Run: February 28-March 25*

Item ID          Description                                   _______      _                    Pack             Sale Price

BD4102                 BAG-PAPER #4 BROWN                                              500/BDL        $7.25/EA

BD4103                 BAG-PAPER #6 BROWN                                              500/BDL        $8.25/EA

BD4104                 BAG-PAPER #8 BROWN                                             500/BDL        $9.45/EA

BD4106                 BAG-PAPER #12 BROWN                                          500/BDL         $11.65/EA

BD4108                 BAG-PAPER #16 BROWN                                          500/BDL         $14.25/EA

BD4110                 BAG-PAPER #20 BROWN TALL                             500/BDL         $15.65/EA

BD4111                 BAG-PAPER #20 BROWN SHORTY                       500/BDL        $15.65/EA

BD4125                 BAG-PAPER #25 BROWN                                          500/BDL         $17.75/EA

BD4131                 BAG-PAPER LIQUOR QUART BROWN                500/BDL        $10.45/EA

BD4140                 BAG-PAPER GROCERY BROWN                            500/BDL        $26.95/EA

BD4145                 BAG-PAPER ROPE HANDLE BRN 13x7x17      250/BDL         $41.95/EA

BD4146                 BAG-PAPER PAPER HANDLE BRN 10x5x13   250/BDL         $37.95/EA

FRD660-2             CORNED BEEF-8.25# FREDA                                      2/CS            $.15 off per LB

KLR632-0             PASTRAMI-FLATS BOTTOM RND KOHLER 5# 2/CS           $.15 off per LB

991862                   SALT-GRANULATED                                                        1/50#          $7.95/EA

991842                   SUGAR-GRANULATED                                                    1/50#         $33.95/EA

*While supplies last

**Promotions are only valid for non Wholesale Distributors

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