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Featured Product-Disposable Gloves

Posted on March 7th, 2011 | Posted in Featured Product

Disposable gloves are definitely a necessity in food preparation these days. Below are the gloves that we stock. However we can get in Nitrile and Latex gloves if you’re interested.

Disposable Gloves

Glove-Plastic Medium, 10/100 BX, Item#-BD6002

Glove-Plastic Large, 10/100 BX, Item#-BD6003

Glove-Vinyl Powder Free Medium, 10/100 CS, Item#-BD6010

Glove-Vinyl Powder Free Large, 10/100 CS, Item#-BD6011

Glove-Vinyl Powder Free Extra-Large, 10/100 CS, Item#-BD6014

Glove-Vinyl Powdered Medium, 10/100 CS, Item#-BD6012

Glove-Vinyl Powdered Large, 10/100 CS, Item#-BD6013

Glove-Vinyl Powdered Extra-Large, 10/100 CS, Item#-BD6015

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