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Featured Product-Water Cooler Cone Cup

Posted on August 22nd, 2011 | Posted in Business Tips, Featured Product

Even though fewer and fewer work places have Water Coolers I’d like to spotlight their importance. They are not only necessary for the consumption of water, but water cooler chats also play an integral part to the satisfaction of your employees. Yeah I’m going all HR on you. First off the product!

4oz Cone Cup


Description                                    Pack                     Item#
Cup-Cone 4oz Genpak**              25/200CT           BD1360

Now the second reason why you should have a water cooler and buy some cone cups! Water cooler talk will help to keep your company’s work culture real and hopefully add to the satisfaction of your employees. The time that employees are allowed to chit chat around the water cooler will allow them to connect with each other on a relational level. No need to be the task master demanding them to constantly be working.

Hometown’s Water Cooler

Here is the bottom line:

  • People are social animals and want to feel a sense of belonging with other people. How they feel about their employer is largely dependent on how they feel about their tribe — their boss and immediate coworkers — rather than the organization’s larger culture and objectives as dictated by upper management.
  • Small groups of employees function better if their members feel like they truly know one another. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the organization to encourage employees to develop personal rapport.
  • If an organization recognizes the importance of its smallest local groups, or tribes, it places a burden on lower-level managers to make those groups meaningful to their members and to connect the groups to the wider organization.
  • When workgroups do not have the opportunity to socialize they can feel disconnected from their own tribe and thus the larger organization.
  • An organization’s chances of achieving its big goals and initiatives depends on how these goals are perceived through the lens of the tribe, and how that tribe interprets and acts on them.

Take away:

  • Drink water in cone cups
  • Let employees chit chat around the water cooler

Source: knowledge.wpcarey.asu.edu


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