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Recipe Thursday-Bratwurst in Beer

Posted on August 18th, 2011 | Posted in Main Course, Recipes

This past week I had the pleasure of having a friend cook for me! I informed her that she would have to cook a Hometown Provisions’ product so that I could use it as my feature recipe. Great criteria for a dinner party right? Well she did not disappoint! She chose to cook up Bratwurst in Beer. She then proceeded to go above and beyond with her multitude of sides, which in the photo the sides are spicy eggplant with cherry tomatoes and buttered noodles.

Bratwurst are a delicious German sausage that can be served with or without a hoagie roll, however you prefer. When making bratwurst do make sure that they are fresh! The brand that we sell is Illg’s Meats. They specialize in Homemade German style meat delicacies. If you wish for a full product list, just email info@hometownprovisions.net.

Bratwurst in Beer

Yield 4-8 Servings


1/4 cup butter (880024)
2 medium onions, sliced into thin rings
4 garlic cloves, finely chopped (991057)
1 (12-ounce) can cheap beer
8 bratwurst links (ILG108)
Whole-grain mustard (CWMU310)


Heat your stove top to medium. Place the butter in a large saucepan and melt over medium heat. Add the onions and garlic; cook until soft, three to five minutes.

Meanwhile in another saucepan bring the beer and brats to a boil. Once the beer is gone transfer the brats to the butter and onion saucepan and saute over medium low heat until they are browned, let stand until ready to serve.

Serve with onions, whole grain mustard and beer, preferably German.


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