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Featured Product-Gene Wenger’s Ham Loaf

Posted on September 26th, 2011 | Posted in Featured Product

Now Gene Wenger’s Ham Loaf is Lancaster County cooking! This is an Amish/Mennonite specialty dish that will not disappoint your taste buds. It works for pretty much any occasion whether it is a holiday dinner or a weeknight dinner. For those unfamiliar with ham loaf it is basically meat loaf, but with ground ham rather than beef. Also it tastes delicious with browned butter rather than ketchup. We sell them in three different sizes: 1.5#, 2.5# & 10# loaves.

Ham Loaf

Description                               Pack                  Item#

Ham Loaf-1.5# Small             12/1.5#              110114

Ham Loaf-2.5# Large             6/2.5#               110113

Ham Loaf-10# Bulk                3/10#                 110116

18 Responses to “Featured Product-Gene Wenger’s Ham Loaf”

  1. Where can I purchase Gene Wenger Ham Loaves and what is the price of the various sizes?

    Thank you!

  2. Do you live in the Lancaster area, if so I can direct you to some stores that sell Gene Wenger!

  3. Do you ship out of state? Have had Gene Wenger’s incredible Ham Loaf and was wondering if shipping to Michigan was possible? Thank you in advance. Brena Cagwin

  4. I had the Ham Balls at Bird-In-Hand restaurant for the first time yesterday and I loved them. I asked the waitress how to make them and she told me to buy your ham loaf and make the ham balls with that. I live in Bucks County, PA and would love to know where I can buy your ham loaf in my area. There are a couple of amish markets in the area, Newtown, PA and Bristol, PA do either of them carry your Ham loaf? If not, can a mail order from you? We only get to Lancaster twice a year.

  5. We are a distributor, but I’d recommend contacting Amish Foods. They are our customer and they ship! http://www.amishfoods.com/ Gene Wenger makes a ham ball, so you don’t have to shape them too:)

  6. I used to buy your ham loafs from my granddaughter who sold them for 4H money making project. I live in Harrisburg.
    Are there any stores in Harrisburg who carry your ham loafs?
    They are the BEST!

    Joann Cooper

  7. We moved to Texas and are hoping we can order ham loaf. Please let us know if it’s possible.

  8. Do you ship to Texas?

  9. Do you give out your recipe for your Ham Loaf? Had it at CR Lapps in Quarryville, PA and loved it.

  10. Have the Ham Loaf at CR Lapps in Quarryville, PA…..OMG…Loved it!

  11. Had the Ham Loaf at CR Lapps in Quarryville, PA…..OMG…Loved it!

  12. Do you deliver out of state?

  13. I am moving to North Carolina and have lived in Pennsylvania all my life. Is there any way to have the ham loaf shipped to my house in North Carolina or are there stores in the state that carry your ham loaf?

  14. Sorry we don’t ship!

  15. I live in DeLand, Fl, from Western Pa originally and can not seem to find this mix here in Florida. Do you ship, or know where I can buy it in my area.
    David Brown

  16. Does anyone know long I should bake Gene Wenger’s ham loaf? (I’m planning to form it into two-inch balls with pineapple topping.) I threw away the packaging and don’t have the directions anymore. 🙁 Any help, please!!! 🙂

  17. Are your Ham loaves sold in SW Ohio anywhere – around Cincinnati? Right now I have family bring me some when they visit from the Harrisburg/Lancaster area. Thank you.

  18. Do any markets in Lancaster County sell Gene Wenger’s ham loaves?
    Or just Gene Wenger store.

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