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Featured Product-Napoli Pasta

Posted on October 31st, 2011 | Posted in Featured Product

Napoli Foods, Inc. is a New England-based foodservice distributor specializing in the Italian food segment.  The company was founded by two Italian immigrants, Mark Cipriano and Angelo Farisello, who were appreciative of the importance that food plays in bringing the family together. An aspect of dining that I believe Americans forget about too often!

We carry a variety of Napoli products. Here is the list of Napoli pastas that we stock.

Napoli Fettuccine 1#

ITEM ID     DESCRIPTION                                      PACK SIZE
991540           Capellini-Napoli                                                         20/1#
991541           Fettucine-Napoli                                                        20/1#
991529           Linguine-Bulk Napoli                                                2/10#
991545           Penne Rigate-Bulk Napoli                                       2/10#
991538           Penne Rigate-Napoli                                                 20/1#
991537           Spaghetti-Bulk Napoli                                              2/10#
991543           Ziti-Napoli                                                                     20/1#

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