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Featured Product-Dart’s Horizon Cups

Posted on November 28th, 2011 | Posted in Featured Product

We carry a variety of sizes in Dart’s Horizon Stock Printed Foam Cups. These foam cups stand above all others in customer appeal. The upscale flared lip styling, smooth cup wall, and high luster finish are an unbeatable combination. And, the Horizon design adds a touch of color to any beverage service, while providing an economical alternative to custom printing.

Horizon Cup Pros:

  • Dual use for hot or cold
  • Five cups sizes use the same lid
  • Hometown stocks sizes 12, 16, 20 and 32oz (we can special order the other sizes)
  • Color coded by size for an easy identification
  • Ounce capacity is printed on each cup

Dart Horizon Cup

ITEM ID      DESCRIPTION                                                                  PACK SIZE

BD1141         CUP-FOAM HORIZON 12OZ                                      1000/CS

BD1142         CUP-FOAM HORIZON 16OZ                                      1000/CS

BD1143         CUP-FOAM HORIZON 20OZ                                      500/CS

BD1140         CUP-FOAM HORIZON 32OZ                                      400/CS

These lids that we stock fit the 12, 16 and 20 OZ Horizon Cup

BD1147         LIDS-CAPPUCCINO                                                        10/100CS

BD1146         LIDS-LIFT N LOCK WHITE                                         10/100CS


BD1107         LIDS-PULL TAB WHITE                                              10/100CS

BD1106         LIDS-STRAW SLOT CLEAR                                         10/100CS

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