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Featured Product-Frying Oil

Posted on January 30th, 2012 | Posted in Featured Product

Since everyone prefers different Frying Oils we keep five different kinds in stock.

Pro Fry Liquid Shortening

Item ID     Description                                        Pack
992011         Oil-Frying Clear Golden Fry                         1/35#
992004        Oil-Frying Clear Magic Fry Admiration  1/35#
992010         Oil-Frying Creamy Ex-Seedy                       1/35#
992012         Oil-Frying Creamy Top Fry                          1/35#
992002        Oil-Frying Pro Fry                                            1/35#

4 Responses to “Featured Product-Frying Oil”

  1. I am interested in purchasing Pro Fry Liquid Shortening 35 lb packages. Can you tell me where I can find a local supplier or the cost to order and shipped to 53946

  2. Thanks Tad for your interest! I’ll email you details for sourcing this product. Happy eating~Hometown Provisions

  3. Hi There,
    Looking for a local supplier of the Magic Fry Admiration Clear Frying oil. I am in NH. Could you help.
    Thank you

  4. I am looking to purchase the following:
    item # 992004 Oil-Frying Clear Magic Fry Admiration
    item # 992012 Oil-Frying Creamy Top Fry
    Can you please info for where, cost to order and shipped to
    Zipcode 34488
    Thanx in advance Dj

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