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Featured Product-Nueske’s Bacon

Posted on February 13th, 2012 | Posted in Featured Product

Nueske’s offers premium quality applewood-smoked meats. They use only all natural ingredients which delivers genuine old-fashioned quality and goodness. The leanest pork available is slowly smoked over Wisconsin applewood embers for 24 hours resulting in minimal shrinkage. We have Nueske’s Bacon available in slab, sliced and retail packs!

Nueske’s Bacon

Item ID    Description                                      _  Pack
CWNS105   Bacon-Smoked Slab Bulk Nueskes**        4/4.5#
CWNS110   Bacon-Smoked Sliced Bulk Nueskes**     6/5#
CWNS120   Bacon-Smoked Sliced Retail Nueskes**  16/12OZ

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