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Featured Product-Battered Cheese Curds

Posted on April 23rd, 2012 | Posted in Featured Product

Customers love fried cheese. In fact, it’s one of the Top 3 most desired appetizers by consumers. Who does not love cheese (lactose intolerant excluded) and according to fair food trends anything tastes better fried. The end result Battered Cheese Curds by Brew CityBrew City Cheddar Pints are delicious, real Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds battered in Brew City’s one-of-a-kind crispy beer batter. Randomly shaped for a back-of-house appearance, these “pop-able” hot and creamy natural white cheddar cheese bites are irresistible.

Battered Cheese Curds

Item ID    Description                                 Pack
558022        Curds-Batter Dipped Brew City**    4/3#

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