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June Product Specials

Posted on May 21st, 2012 | Posted in Monthly Specials

Knauss Dried Beef and Chips, Canned Mushroom Pieces, Liberty Bell Battered Mushrooms & Onion Rings & Lone Star 2.5# Beef Jerky

Guest Checks

Product Sale***
Date Run: June 4-June 29*
Item ID          Description                                                                    _              Pack           Sale Price
KNS2010      Creamed Chipped Beef-12/10oz Knauss**                    12/10oz       $36.70/CS
ALD500        Dried Beef-Chips 3# Frozen Knauss                                    8/CS           $.50 off per LB
KNS2000      Dried Beef-Knux Double Smoked 6# Knauss                  5/6#          $.60 off per LB
KNS2002      Dried Beef-Knux Smoked Regular 6# Knauss                 2/6#          $.60 off per LB
LS0810          Jerky-Regular 2.5# Lone Star                                              1/2.5#        $18/LB
LS0830          Jerky-Sweet & Spicy Garlic 2.5# Lone Star                     1/2.5#       $18/LB
558304          Mushrooms-Battered 4/3#LibertyBell                             4/3#          $26.95/CS
991676          Mushrooms-Stem & Piece #10 Can                                     6/CS           $39.95/CS
559420          Onion Rings-Beer Battered 4/2.5# LibertyBell             4/2.5#       $19.95/CS

Paper Products

BD9502         Guest Checks-Duplicate Carbon                                          50/50CS     $26.75/CS
BD9503         Guest Checks-Duplicate Carbonless                                  50/50CS     $43.25/CS
BD9501         Guest Checks-Single Pad                                                     100/50CS      $27.50/CS
BD9506         Guest Checks-Single Cardboard                                         50/50CS      $27.50/CS

*While supplies last
**Special Order Products
***Promotions are only valid for non Wholesale Distributors

Featured Product-Fryer Cone Filter

Posted on May 21st, 2012 | Posted in Featured Product

Fryer Cone Filters dramatically increase the life of your fryer oil. Increases economic efficiency as it costs less to filter than replace oil. Improves safety by promoting the use of the machines automatic filtration systems. Eliminates smoking and the unpleasant taste from old food particles left in cooking oil.

Fryer Cone Filter

Item ID   Description                               Pack
BD9166       Filter-Fryer Cone 10″**                    50/CS

New Products

Posted on May 18th, 2012 | Posted in New Products

New Products for the week of May 14th!

5.18 New Products

Recipe Thursday-Cinnamon Buttermilk Coffee Cake

Posted on May 17th, 2012 | Posted in Bakery, Breakfast and Brunch, Recipes

I have never made coffee cake from scratch before, since when I worked in a summer camp kitchen we used a coffee cake mix, and growing up my parents were addicted to Costco/Sam’s Club mass quantity mixes. So it was due time for me to test out some recipes. This particular Cinnamon Buttermilk Coffee Cake recipe won. It is a very nice change to what I am use to. When I think of coffee cake I think of a traditionally light cake base with crumb topping. Well, this recipe was a delicious dark molasses tasting cake base with a cinnamon nut topping. It was denser than other coffee cakes, but very moist and rather addictive!

Cinnamon Buttermilk Coffee Cake

Yield 9 pieces
2 cups sifted flour (991867)
2 cups dark brown sugar (NSU2250)
1/2 cup butter (880000)
1/3 cup flour (991867)
1 egg (EGG011)
1 cup buttermilk (HPH001)
1 teaspoon baking soda (991858)
1 teaspoon cinnamon (CQC065)
1/2 cup chopped walnuts (NNU1014) 

Mix sifted flour and brown sugar. Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse meal. Set aside 3/4 cup of this mixture to be used for topping.

To remaining flour mixture, add the 1/3 cup flour and mix well. Add egg, buttermilk, soda and cinnamon. Mix only until dry ingredients are well moistened. Pour into a buttered 9-inch square pan.

Mix the 3/4 cup with the chopped walnuts and sprinkle on top. Bake at 325 degrees for 50-60 minutes. Let cool in pan.

Recipe from cooks.com

Seasonal Products-New Fruit Cobblers

Posted on May 15th, 2012 | Posted in New Products, Seasonal Products

These seasonal products are available through June 15th! The newest products that were added are J&A Fruit Cobblers in Apple (available 9/17-12/28), Blueberry, Cherry and Peach (available 7/16-8/17). They are topped with a biscuit sweet dough. Samples are available for the Blueberry and Cherry Cobblers. Just let your sales rep know!

Blueberry Cobbler

ITEM ID        DESCRIPTION                                                    PACK SIZE
ICC0103        CHEESE DELIGHT-STRAWBERRY J&A**      1/5.5#
ICC0180        COBBLER-BLUEBERRY J&A**                           1/4.6#

ICC0181         COBBLER-CHERRY J&A**                                  1/4.6#
ICC0316         PUDDING-ROOT BEER FLOAT J&A**              1/5#
ICC0110         RHUBARB DELIGHT-MARY’S J&A**               1/5.5#
ICC0203        RHUBARB SAUCE-MARY’S J&A**                    1/10#
ICC0304        TAPIOCA-ORANGE J&A**                                  1/8#
ICC0308        TAPIOCA-STRAWBERRY J&A**                       1/8#

**Special order items-Order by Monday for delivery after Wednesday

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