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Featured Products-Patriot Pickles

Posted on July 16th, 2012 | Posted in Featured Product

We are a distributor of Patriot Pickles. If you never tried theses pickles you are missing out. They are fresh, crunchy and flavorful.  I standby their slogan, “one bite and we gotcha”! They come in a variety of different cuts and flavors and if you would like to read up on your pickle facts click here!

Cuts: Chips, Spears, Stackers, Halves, Whole

Flavors: Green/Half Sour, Kosher Dill, Red Hot, Sour, Sweet Candied

Patriot Pickles-5 Gallon Buckets

The following pickles we currently stock.

Item ID  Description                                                         Pack
990110      Pickle-Chip Kosher Dill Patriot Pickles                       1/5Gal
990120     Pickle-Spears Kosher Dill 200CT Patriot Pickles    1/5Gal
990105     Pickle-Spears Kosher Dill 265CT Patriot Pickles    1/5Gal
990109     Pickle-Whole Kosher Dill 30CT Patriot Pickles       1/5Gal
990108     Pickle-Whole Kosher Dill 60CT Patriot Pickles       1/5Gal

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  2. These pickles are for sale wholesale only. So if you have a local foodservice company let us know!

  3. Could you send me wholesale pricing for your pickle products.

    Kathy Lavallee
    The Honey Shop

  4. I am attempting to get information on your products, but have been unsuccessful thus far. Could you please send description of Dill Chips and prices.
    Thanks so much,

  5. hello where can i find the half sour pickles of Patriot Pickle Jars or plastic can at where stores in Fargo, ND 58103 ? Thank you . This is Steven (Deaf )

  6. Sorry we are only a regional distributor. Contact Patriot Pickle directly.

  7. Are you a foodservice business in Lancaster County?

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