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Featured Product-Henry and Henry Fillings

Posted on August 27th, 2012 | Posted in Featured Product

As product demand grew for baking ingredients we broadened our product line in order to meet our customer’s needs. One  baking brand that we currently carry is Henry & Henry.

Henry & Henry helps customers transform desserts into flavor-filled delights! For industry-leading quality fruit and créme fillings and other specialty products, you will find no finer alternative. Their crown fillings have the highest fruit content and no high-fructose corn syrup. Henry & Henry’s product line continues to evolve and grow, so make sure to check out what is currently available.

Henry & Henry German Chocolate Icing,
Bavarian Creme and Lemon and Raspberry Pastry Filling

Item ID         Description                                                               Pack
991964        Fill-Apricot                                                              1/40#
991963        Fill-Apricot Bake                                                   1/40#
NCF9080   Fill-Bavarian Creme                                              1/38#
NCF9081    Fill-Bavarian Creme Redi-Pak                         12/2#
NCF9082    Fill-Chocolate Bavarian Creme Redi-Pak   12/2#
NCF9017    Fill-Cream Cheese                                                 1/20#
991966        Fill-Cream Cheese Redi-Pak                             12/2#
991960        Fill-Lemon Redi-Pak                                           12/2#
991961         Fill-Raspberry European                                  1/40#
991962         Fill-Red Raspberry Redi-Pak                          12/2#
991965         Fill-Strawberry Redi-Pak                                 12/2#
NTF1252     Icing-German Chocolate Cake                       1/21#
991969         Icing-Strawberry Fruit                                       1/6#

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  1. i am lookig for your chocolate fillin and bake 40 lb. bucket product #402202. i need to know how much it would be with shipment to a toledo business thank you

  2. Hi I was wondering what is the lowest amount in pound that I can order?
    For the European raspberry seedless filling

  3. i am looking for a 40 pound pail of apricot for big rolls. mailing to zip 15320 could you e mail me a total price

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