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Featured Product-Hudson Valley Baking Company Cakes, Pies and Tortes

Posted on August 20th, 2012 | Posted in Featured Product

A new product line that we recently began carrying is Hudson Valley Baking Company. This company makes 100% handmade premium cakes, pies and tortes that are absolutely delicious. Hudson Valley values natural ingredients, traditional baking styles, consistency and, above all, finding the proper balance of flavor and texture for their desserts. We offer the complete line of premium cakes, which gives you many options depending on what your customers want. We do have sample kits available if you wish to try some of the flavors! Just give your Hometown Sales Representative a call-717-464-4165. Also, this product line is on special for the month of August, $2.00 off per case!

Sample Kit

Item ID         Description                                              _                                     Pack
993091          Cake-Carrot California 14CT FRZ Hudson Valley**   1/14CT
993092          Cake-Chocolate Mousse 14CT FRZ HVB**                    1/14CT
993093          Cake-Lemon Mousse 14CT FRZ HVB**                          1/14CT
993088          Cake-Lemonberry Mascarpone 14CT FRZ HVB**    1/14CT
993099          Cake-Mississippi Mud Cake 14CT FRZ HVB**             1/14CT
993097          Cake-Red Velvet 14CT FRZ HVB**                                  1/14CT
993098          Cake-Tiramisu 14CT FRZ Hudson Valley Bakery**  1/14CT
993094          Torte-Chocolate Polenta 14CT FRZ HVB**                  1/14CT

**Special Order

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