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Recipe Thursday-Andouille Sausage

Posted on August 2nd, 2012 | Posted in Grilling, Main Course, Recipes

Hometown received some fresh Groff’s Andouille Sausage and split it up between some of the staff. I have never consumed a Groff’s sausage that I have not approved of, and this one did not let me down! Andouille is a pork sausage with cajun seasonings and is most often associated with Cajun cooking. A few ways to enjoy it is grilled served with grits and shrimp,  in a breakfast burrito or in Jambalaya.

Grilled Andouille Sausage

Yield 3 Servings
1# andouille sausage, Groff’s (GRF432)
hot horseradish mustard (BCW901)

Cut sausage into 3 servings. Heat grill to medium high. Grill on both sides around 6 minutes per side. Enjoy with mustard!

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