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Posted on September 28th, 2012 | Posted in New Products

New Products for the week of September 24th!

9.28 New Products

Contes Gluten Free Potato and Onion Pierogies


Recipe Thursday-Sweet and Salty Roasted Chickpeas

Posted on September 27th, 2012 | Posted in Recipes, Snacks

I had planned to make Sweet and Salty Roasted Chickpeas for our Company Picnic, but I had to use the chickpeas for my hummus recipe instead, so this recipe got pushed down on my list. I finally made it a month later for Hometown’s Birthday/Anniversary Celebration.

I was drawn to this recipe because it uses chickpeas in a way that I have never had them before-roasted. These chickpeas were easy to make and are a nice alternative to other snack foods such as nuts, chips or popcorn. I used the spices that the recipe called for, but next time I will definitely take the chickpeas in a more spicy direction by adding some cayenne pepper. I listed my alternate ingredients below. Hopefully you will enjoy this new snack food!

Sweet and Salty Roasted Chickpeas

Yield 14 Ounces
14 oz chickpeas, drained and rinsed (991647)
2 teaspoons olive oil (992055)
1 teaspoon cinnamon or your spice(s) of choice (CQC065)
1 1/2 teaspoons brown sugar (NSU2250)
1/4 teaspoon salt (991861)

Alternative Spices-Instead of cinnamon add 1/8 teaspoon cumin & oregano and a 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Place chickpeas on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a Silpat.

Bake naked chickpeas at 450 degrees for 30 minutes.

Mix oil and spices together in separate bowl.

Transfer chickpeas to a bowl and mix thoroughly with the rest of the ingredients. Place back on baking pan and bake for 15 more minutes.

Enjoy hot, or bring to room temperature and store in an air-tight container.

Recipe adapted from cupcakeproject.com

October Product Specials

Posted on September 24th, 2012 | Posted in Monthly Specials

Lancaster County Farms Pumpkin Cream Cheese, 
Del Sol Peppers, Lido Genoa Salami

Corrugated Pizza Boxes

9″ Uncoated Paper Plates

Kettle Cuisine Grilled Cheese & Bacon Soup

Kettle Cuisine Black Eyed Pea & Smoked Ham Soup 

Kettle Cuisine Greek Chicken and Orzo Soup

Kettle Cuisine Macaroni & Cheese

Kettle Cuisine Moroccan Lamb with Couscous

Product Sale***
Date Run October 1-November 2*

Item ID         Description                                              _                              Pack           Sale Price
JL141             Cream Cheese-Pumpkin LCF                                             1/5#           $17.45/EA
KC7870        Macaroni & Cheese-4/4# KC**                                        4/4#          $2.00 off per CS
990158         Peppers-Banana Hot Rings Gallon Del Sol                   4/CS          $21.95/CS
990160         Peppers-Cherry Hot Sliced Gallon Del Sol                   4/CS          $21.95/CS
990159         Peppers-Hot Crushed Gallon Del Sol                              4/CS          $24.95/CS
990174         Peppers-Jalapeno Sliced Gallon Del Sol                       4/CS           $22.95/CS
990179         Peppers-Sweet Cut Gallon Del Sol                                   4/CS           $26.95/CS
441301         Salami-Genoa Lido 6#                                                          6/CS           $2.69/LB
KC6030        Soup-Black-Eyed Pea & Smoked Ham KC**              2/8#          $2.00 off per CS
KC7100        Soup-Greek Chicken Orzo Kettle Cuisine**                2/8#           $2.00 off per CS
KC3600        Soup-Grilled Cheese & Bacon Kettle Cuisine**         2/8#           $2.00 off per CS
KC9450        Soup-Moroccan Lamb with Couscous KC**               2/8#           $2.00 off per CS

Paper Products

995145          Pizza Box-10” Corrugated                                                50/BDL        $9.95/BDL
995108          Pizza Box-12” Corrugated                                                50/BDL        $11.95/BDL
995107          Pizza Box-14” Corrugated                                                50/BDL        $13.25/BDL
995106          Pizza Box-16” Corrugated Brown                                  50/BDL        $13.50/BDL
995175          Pizza Box-18” Corrugated                                                50/BDL         $19.75/BDL
BD2201         Plates-Paper 9” Uncoated                                               1000/CS       $14.95/CS

*While supplies last
**Special Order Products
***Promotions are only valid for non Wholesale Distributors

Featured Product-Kunzler Pan Pudding

Posted on September 24th, 2012 | Posted in Featured Product, Seasonal Products

Pan Pudding is now available! According to our customer Kiefer’s Deli, “Pan Pudding is a staple food here in Lancaster county and cannot be reproduced anywhere else! This pudding is made from quality pork products. Simply heat it up and it melts into a thick gravy. Great for pouring over potatoes, hot cakes, roasts, etc.”

Pan Pudding

Description                       Pack      Item#
Pan Pudding-Kunzler**  1/5#       KNZ1892

New Products

Posted on September 21st, 2012 | Posted in New Products

New Products for the week of September 17th!

9.21 New Products

Roland Oven Roasted Tomatoes

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