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October Product Specials

Posted on September 24th, 2012 | Posted in Monthly Specials

Lancaster County Farms Pumpkin Cream Cheese, 
Del Sol Peppers, Lido Genoa Salami

Corrugated Pizza Boxes

9″ Uncoated Paper Plates

Kettle Cuisine Grilled Cheese & Bacon Soup

Kettle Cuisine Black Eyed Pea & Smoked Ham Soup 

Kettle Cuisine Greek Chicken and Orzo Soup

Kettle Cuisine Macaroni & Cheese

Kettle Cuisine Moroccan Lamb with Couscous

Product Sale***
Date Run October 1-November 2*

Item ID         Description                                              _                              Pack           Sale Price
JL141             Cream Cheese-Pumpkin LCF                                             1/5#           $17.45/EA
KC7870        Macaroni & Cheese-4/4# KC**                                        4/4#          $2.00 off per CS
990158         Peppers-Banana Hot Rings Gallon Del Sol                   4/CS          $21.95/CS
990160         Peppers-Cherry Hot Sliced Gallon Del Sol                   4/CS          $21.95/CS
990159         Peppers-Hot Crushed Gallon Del Sol                              4/CS          $24.95/CS
990174         Peppers-Jalapeno Sliced Gallon Del Sol                       4/CS           $22.95/CS
990179         Peppers-Sweet Cut Gallon Del Sol                                   4/CS           $26.95/CS
441301         Salami-Genoa Lido 6#                                                          6/CS           $2.69/LB
KC6030        Soup-Black-Eyed Pea & Smoked Ham KC**              2/8#          $2.00 off per CS
KC7100        Soup-Greek Chicken Orzo Kettle Cuisine**                2/8#           $2.00 off per CS
KC3600        Soup-Grilled Cheese & Bacon Kettle Cuisine**         2/8#           $2.00 off per CS
KC9450        Soup-Moroccan Lamb with Couscous KC**               2/8#           $2.00 off per CS

Paper Products

995145          Pizza Box-10” Corrugated                                                50/BDL        $9.95/BDL
995108          Pizza Box-12” Corrugated                                                50/BDL        $11.95/BDL
995107          Pizza Box-14” Corrugated                                                50/BDL        $13.25/BDL
995106          Pizza Box-16” Corrugated Brown                                  50/BDL        $13.50/BDL
995175          Pizza Box-18” Corrugated                                                50/BDL         $19.75/BDL
BD2201         Plates-Paper 9” Uncoated                                               1000/CS       $14.95/CS

*While supplies last
**Special Order Products
***Promotions are only valid for non Wholesale Distributors

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