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Featured Product-Pimento Cheese Products

Posted on October 29th, 2012 | Posted in Featured Product

Pimento Cheese Products have flown under the radar for a number of years, however more recently they have escaped their bad stigma and made a comeback. Here is a fun blog post below from North Park Farmer’s Market Blog that highlights Pimento Spread!

We all have our guilty pleasures and we’re here to confess that ours is pimento cheese spread.  Not familiar with the stuff?  It’s usually a mix of grated processed cheese (like Velveeta), diced jarred pimento peppers and mayonnaise, and it’s a staple in Southern lunchboxes. In the 1900’s it was a delicacy at Southern tea parties. Once Kraft began selling the processed cheese and Southern farmers began growing pimento peppers, the spread became more affordable and became popular for sandwiches for the working class.

Despite it’s lowbrow image, we’re delighted to find that pimento spread is making it’s way back into fashion and that the rest of the world has discovered it. In fact,  Bon Appetit declares pimento cheese a hot food trend of 2011. Throughout foodie blogs, we found it paired up with things like aioli, panko and Kobe beef. Being traditionalists, we pay homage to pimento spread with a grilled pimento cheese sandwich;  replacing the processed cheese with Springhill Colby Jack or a good cheddar from Taste Cheese, the jarred pimento peppers with roasted pimiento peppers from Suzie’s, and using Belen Challah bread as our base.  You could try using Nicolau farm’s chevre for a spicy chevre pimento spread. Try one of those recipes and indulge your guilty pleasure too!

Pimento Cheese Products

Item # Description Pack
773004 American-Pimento Solid 5# 2/CS
JL148 Cream Cheese-Lite Olive/Pimento 5# LCF** 2/CS
KLR406-0 Loaf-Pickle & Pimento 5# Kohler 2/CS
775651 Spread-Pimento 10# Prices 2/CS

**Special Order Item

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