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Featured Products- Stuffing Mix and Prepared Filling

Posted on October 1st, 2012 | Posted in Featured Product

With Fall upon us it is time to enjoy some comfort foods, such as stuffing! We carry Betty’s Fresh Bread Filling and Sugar Foods’ Cornbread and White Bread Stuffing Mixes, depending on what you prefer. Sugar Foods’ stuffing mixes are an easy-to-use, range top preparation stuffing mix consisting of a mixture of bread seasoned with a balanced blend of seasonings. Each box consists of six crumb packages and a polybag containing six seasoning packets.

Betty’s Bread Filling

Sugar Foods Stuffing Mix

ITEM ID     DESCRIPTION                                    PACK SIZE
VB9560           Bread Filling-Bettys**                                           1/10#
991724             Stuffing Mix-Cornbread Sugar Foods**      6/55OZ
991723             Stuffing Mix-White Bread Sugar Foods**   6/55OZ

**Special Order Products

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