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December Product Specials

Posted on December 3rd, 2012 | Posted in Monthly Specials

We have got some great sales going for the month of December! We just recently began carrying Hazle Park Smoked Skinless Shankless Hams. Also, we are selling Sugar by the skid. Call your sale’s rep for a quote.

Golden Barrel Granulated Sugar, Tour de Marze 3 Kilo Brie and Kissling Sauerkraut

Lunch Napkins, Dinner Napkins and 16″ Corrugated Pizza Boxes

Product Sale***
Date Run December 3-January4*

Item ID         Description                                              _                              Pack     Sale Price

CWFR235  Brie-3 Kilo 60% Tour De Marze 1/EA $4.99/LB
JL128  Cream Cheese-Cranberry 5# LCF** 2/5# $17.45/EA
JL149  Cream Cheese-Mocha 5# LCF** 2/5# $17.45/EA
JL115  Cream Cheese-Raspberry Walnut 5# LCF** 2/5# $17.45/EA
Hazle Park Hams
HZP101  Ham-Smoked Skinless/Shankless 10-12#** 5/CS $.10 off LB
HZP102  Ham-Smoked Skinless/Shankless 12-14#** 5/CS $.10 off LB
HZP103  Ham-Smoked Skinless/Shankless 14-16#** 4/CS $.10 off LB
HZP104  Ham-Smoked Skinless/Shankless 16-18#** 4/CS $.10 off LB
HZP105  Ham-Smoked Skinless/Shankless 18-20#** 4/CS $.10 off LB
HZP106  Ham-Smoked Skinless/Shankless 20# and Up** 2/CS $.10 off LB
KSL900  Sauerkraut-12/2# Kissling 12/2# $17.25/CS
991842  Sugar-Granulated Golden Barrel (Call for skid     quote) 1/50# $24.95/EA

Paper Products

Item ID      Description                                                 Pack           Sale Price

BD3000 Foil-Heavy Duty 12″x1000′ 1000’/RL   $21.95/RL
BD3340 Napkin-Dinner 15 x 17″ 2-ply 20/150CS   $29.95/CS
BD3321 Napkin-Lunch White 1/4 Fold 12/500CS   $27.95/CS
995106 Pizza Boxes-Corrugated 16″ Brown 1/50CT   $12.75/BDL

*While supplies last
**Special Order Products
***Promotions are only valid for non Wholesale Distributors

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