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Featured Product-Cracked Black Pepper Cooper

Posted on December 24th, 2012 | Posted in Featured Product, New Products

Cooper Brand cheese came out with a new flavorful Cracked Black Pepper American Cheese. It has the same sharp flavor that all Cooper products have, but with a nice bit of zing from the fresh cracked black pepper. This would be a great topper to any burger or sandwich as well as incorporated into macaroni and cheese, just to give you a few serving suggestions!

Cooper Sharp White American
(sorry I don’t have a picture of the cracked black pepper yet!)

cooper cheese Hometown Provisions

772095 American-Cracked Black Pepper Cooper 2/5#

2 Responses to “Featured Product-Cracked Black Pepper Cooper”

  1. Just purchased peppered cheese at Wegmans grocery store. This cheese has such a great taste. I can’t wait to melt it on a burger on the grill.

  2. Cooper black pepper cheese is very flavorful. I live in Hampton VA and have to go to Wegmans in Richmond to get this cheese, how I wish it was a stores carried it, it really brings out the taste in food and sandwiches, thus cheese is truly a winner! GO COOPER!

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