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Sale on Mince Meat

Posted on December 26th, 2012 | Posted in Seasonal Products, Special Sale

If you are still in need of Mince Meat this holiday season we have a great deal on Bomberger’s and Groff’s Mince Meat! The following mince meats are in stock and on sale.

Hometown Provisions-Groff's Mince Meat

Item#         Description                            Pack Size                    Sale Price

GRF413 MINCE MEAT GROFF 1/12# $26.88
GRF414 MINCE MEAT GROFF 1/35# $71.45
S34024 MINCE MEAT BOMBERGER 12/1.5# $57.15
S73030 MINCE MEAT BOMBERGER 1/30# $76.12

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