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Featured Product-Kunzler Bulk Franks with Napkins

Posted on February 25th, 2013 | Posted in Featured Product

As Spring is upon us it is time to start thinking about heating up the barbeque and grilling some franks. Kunzler’s Bulk Franks all come with complimentary Kunzler Napkins. Consistently terrific taste in every Kunzler frank is something everybody profits from. Moisture content, precise blend, and texture result in fabulous taste your customers can count on. All Kunzler franks are pure meat – no added filler. It is taste you can relish in all kinds of flavors. With a volume seller like Kunzler franks, superior taste translates into higher profits, plain and simple.

Kunzler Bulk Franks with Napkins

Kunzler Franks

Item#       Description                                             Pack Size
KNZ1104    Franks-Grill 8-1 Bulk Kunzler                    2/6#
KNZ1011    Franks-Jumbo Meat 8-1 Bulk Kunzler      2/6#
KNZ1099   Franks-Super Jumbo 5-1 Bulk Kunzler     2/5#

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