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April Product Specials

Posted on March 25th, 2013 | Posted in Monthly Specials

Hempzels Mustard

Hempzels Mustard

Monkey Bites

Monkey Bites

Super Heavy Pizza Sauce With Basil

Pizza Sauce Hometown Provisions

Diced Tomatoes 3/4″

Hometown Provisions_Diced Tomatoes

Extra Heavy Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes

Extra Heavy Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes_Hometown Provisions

Ground Tomatoes in Heavy Puree

Grounded Peeled Tomatoes_Hometown Provisions

Whole Peeled Tomatoes in Juice

Whole Peeled Tomatoes_Hometown Provisions

Prima Porta Hot Spicy Ham

Prima Porta Hometown Provisions

Hatfield Chef Choice Cooked Ham

Cooked Ham Hatfield_Hometown Provisions

Prima Porta Sweet Italian Sausage

Prima Porta Sweet Italian Sausage_Hometwon Provisions

Furmano’s Pinto Beans

Furmano's Pinto Beans_Hometown Provisions

Bridgford Bavarian Demi Loaf

Bavarian Bread

Bridgford Buttermilk Biscuits


Plastic Container 8 3/16″x8 5/16″x2 7/8″ Clear

Plastic Container_Hometown Provisions

Paper Food Trays-#50 & #300

Food Trays_Hometown Provisions

Window Cleaner

Window Cleaner_Hometown Provisions

Product Sale***
Run Date April 1st-May 3rd*

Item # Description Pack Sale Price
Clemens Products
HTF2448 Ham-Cooked 10% 11# Chef’s Choice 2/CS $.05 off per LB
HTF2289 Ham-Hot Spicy 6.5# Prima Porta 2/CS $.05 off per LB
HTF3012 Sausage-Sweet Italian 10# Prima Porta 2/10# $.05 off per LB
Bridgford Products
559381 Bread Dough-Demi Loaf White P&B 60/6OZ $.75 off per CS
558950 Biscuit-Buttermilk 3″ 100/2.25OZ $.75 off per CS
550020 Bread Dough-Demi Loaf Bavarian P&B 60/6OZ $.75 off per CS
559382 Bread Dough-Demi Loaf Honey Wheat P&B 60/6OZ $.75 off per CS
900500 Monkey Bites-4OZ Retail With Bags 18/4OZ $.75 off per CS
550000 Rolls-Dinner White Heat-N-Serve 1OZ 120/1OZ $.75 off per CS
Furmano Product
991637 Pinto Beans-#10 Furmanos 6/#10 $19.95/CS
Introducing Hempzels
991266 Mustard-Horseradish Hemp and Honey Gal 4/1GAL $60/CS or $15/EA
991267 Mustard-Horseradish Hemp and Honey 6/11.75OZ $15.25/CS
991745 Soft Pretzel-Hemp 75CT 3/5# $69.95/CS
Introducing Old   California Pouched Tomatoes & Pizza Sauce
993309 Diced Tomatoes 3/4″ Old California 6/CS $17.65/CS
993307 Extra Heavy Con Crushed Tomatoes Old Cali 6/CS $20.90/CS
993308 Ground Tomatoes in Heavy Puree Marbella 6/CS $19.70/CS
993305 Super Heavy Pizza Sauce w/ Basil Riviera Red 6/CS $21.75/CS
993306 Whole Peeled Tomatoes Old California 6/CS $16.75/CS
Paper Products
BD2400 Tray-Food Paper #50 1/2# 1000/CS $16.95/CS
BD2403 Tray-Food Paper #300 3# 500/CS $18.95/CS
BD2333 Cont-Plastic 8 3/16″x8 5/16″x2 7/8″ Clear 200/CS $27.95/CS
BD5570 Cleaner-Window Gallon Crystal Clear 4/1GAL $16.95/CS


*While supplies last
**Special Order Products
***Promotions are only valid for non Wholesale Distributors

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