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Supplier of the Month-Allied Specialty Foods

Posted on May 31st, 2013 | Posted in Supplier of the Month


With 50 years focused on its customers, Allied Specialty Foods has been pleasing local and national distributors with its main focus on product quality and manufacturing thin sliced beef and chicken for one-step prep! Allied offers an array of products to please even the most discerning chefs and owners/operators.


Allied Logo

  • CAPTURE CUSTOMERS Steak-based menu items are sizzling — and commanding premium prices.
  • SERVE QUALITY Allied steaks offer excellent flavor, texture, and tenderness — for maximum impact.
  • CONTROL COSTS All Allied products are IQF packed — to save time with one-step prep.
  • EXPAND MENU Add thin-sliced steak to sandwiches, pizza, salads, and other popular items.
  • CUSTOMIZE PRODUCTS Create a “signature” product profile by specifying flavor, type of steak and package size.

Hometown Provisions is happy to provide our customers with this premium product that can meet or exceed your specifications, is menu-friendly and generates profits.

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