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Posted on July 19th, 2013 | Posted in New Products

New Products for the week of July 15th!

7.19 New Products


Burrata has made a big splash on the cheese scene, and with good reason. We are especially fond of this one because it is artisan-made and carefully selected by the notoriously picky cheese experts at Luigi Guffanti. Produced in small dairies in Andria and Corato (Apulia), this fresh, pasteurized cows’ milk cheese is made with an external bag of thin stringy paste similar to that of ‘fiordilatte’ (a fresh-mozzarella-like cheese) and is filled with cream mixed with milk enzymes and small bits of mozzarella. (When the season permits, they are further enveloped in the large, fleshy leaves of a plant called ‘vizzo’ whose pungent aroma penetrates the cheese.) The texture is even looser and wetter than the freshest fresh mozzarella, and is best served in a bowl with a spoon. Burrata’s flavor is all about fresh milk, but with palate-pleasing cream and lactic notes.

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