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Posted on July 25th, 2013 | Posted in New Products

New Products for the week of July 22nd!

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Pecorino Pepato

A southern Italian cheese, from Ragusa, Pecorino Pepato has a long and fabled history. “Pepato” means with peppercorns, and whole black peppercorns are distributed throughout the bright white paste, giving it a pronounced spiciness. Rindless and with exterior indentations hearkening back to when this cheese was pressed into basket moulds, Pepato’s texture is semi-firm and crumbly without being too dry, and it is best eaten when young. Made entirely from sheep’s milk and aged 9 months, with its characteristic spicy taste, Pepato, makes one of the tastiest table cheeses and is perfect for grating.


Protected Designation of Origin



Chianti Reserve, Barolo, and Brunello do Montalcino

Wonderful in risotto and shredded on top of pizza. Grate over pasta, asparagus, combine with all types of vegetables or just snack on it with dry-cured meats and olives.

Source: AffinageCheese.com

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