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Holiday Cheese Balls, Boursin Spreads and Cheddar Waxed Cut Outs

Posted on September 23rd, 2013 | Posted in Seasonal Products

Please place your orders by October 2nd  for the following items Kaukauna Cheese Balls & Logs, Boursin Spreads & Cheddar Waxed Cut Outs! Orders will be delivered the week of November 4th. Email or call in your orders today -Email: orders@hometownprovisions.net -Hometown Tel: 717-464-4165.

 Sharp Cheddar Ball Real-aged cheddar generously coated with sliced real almonds. Packed-12/10OZ

Beef N’ Onion Ball Real beef and real onion enhance a cheese with a rich natural smoke flavor. Packed-12/10OZ

Buffalo Blue Cheese Ball Blue cheese with a hint of hot spices gives your mouth a welcome wake-up call! Packed-12/10OZ

Garden Vegetable Ball Made the Kaukauna way-with actual peppers, carrots, onions and celery. Packed-12/10OZ

Pepper Jack Ball On crackers, burgers or Tex-Mex recipes, our real peppers deliver real taste. Packed-12/10OZ

Parmesan Ranch Ball Made with aged cheddar and aged parmesan to deliver rich real cheese flavor. Packed-12/10OZ

Port Wine Ball Real port wine and real cheddar cheese add up to one of our best-loved varieties. Packed-12/10OZ

Smoky Bacon Ball Real-aged cheddar cheese makes this traditional blend of flavors even more irresistible. Packed-12/10OZ

Cheese Ball Flavors Not Pictured

Bacon & Jalapeno Cheese Ball
Cheddar Ranch Cheese Ball

Sharp Cheddar Cheese Log Real-aged cheddar generously coated with sliced real almonds Packed-12/10oz

Port Wine Cheese Log Real port wine and real cheddar cheese add up to one of our best-loved varieties Packed-12/10oz

Double Sharp Cheese Log A double dose of the flavor made famous by Kaukauna Packed-12/10oz

Double Sharp/Port Wine Log More edge, more flavor, even more Kaukauna Packed-12/10oz

Double Sharp/Swiss Log Put real-aged Swiss and real-aged cheddar together, and what do you get? Smiles all around Packed-12/10oz

Cheese Log Flavors Not Pictured

Double Buffalo Blue Cheddar Ranch Log
Double Smokey Sharp Log

Apple, Cranberry & Cinnamon Boursin The taste of the holidays comes alive with this limited edition favorite, full of sweet pieces of apple, tart cranberries and spicy cinnamon. This flavor is available only during winter holidays. Packed-6/5.2oz

Shallot & Chive Boursin Unwrap the true star of any cheese platter, with its distinguished blend of savory shallot and delectable chive flavor. Packed-6/5.2oz

Boursin Flavors Not Pictured

Boursin Garlic & Herb
Boursin Black Pepper
Boursin Red Chili Pepper

 Shaped Cheese Cut Outs, in Natural Mild Cheddar. Custom shapes available through Hometown Provisions: stocking, snowman, holly, green trees, football, cow black & white, candy canes, candle, red santas, yellow star and gingerbread man. Packed-12/4oz

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  1. looking for buffalo blue and cheddar cheese log. Are you still carrying it??

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