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Featured Product-Hormel Oval Spiced Ham

Posted on December 9th, 2013 | Posted in Featured Product, Supplier of the Month

Hormel Spiced Ham with Natural Juices, D-Shaped

Hormel Spiced Ham

Hormel’s spiced luncheon meat is a flavorful and high quality deli product at an economical price. The firm texture provides appealing thin, whole slices. This product is cooked in the bag and must be held refrigerated.

Item #-110031

Hormel Spiced Luncheon Meat is ready to serve.

Perfect for slicing for sandwiches or score the ham, glaze and serve baked.

Made from select fresh pork for a high quality product with a firm texture and bind for optimum slicing.

Chopped Ham, Water, Salt, Sugar, Sodium Erythorbate, Spice, Sodium Nitrite.

No Allergens present

Serving Size 56 Grams
Calories 140
Calories From Fat 100
Total Fat 11.0 gm
Saturated Fat 4.5 gm
Trans Fat 0.0 gm
Cholesterol 35.0 mg
Sodium 690.0 mg
Potassium 120.9 mg
Total Carbohydrates 1.0 gm
Dietary Fiber 0.0 gm
Sugars 1.0 gm
Protein 8.0 gm
Vitamin A 0.0 %
Vitamin C 0.0 %
Iron 2.0 %
Calcium 0.0 %

Hormel Product Code 4472
Net Weight 45.00 LB
Kosher NO
Storage Temperature 32 F – 40 F
Storage Keep Refrigerated
Gluten Free YES
Product Family Bulk Deli Meats

29 Responses to “Featured Product-Hormel Oval Spiced Ham”

  1. Where can I buy canned spiced ham near my hometown of Rich lands VA

  2. Where can I purchase Hormel Oval Spiced ham or Ham Bologna…I live in Northwest Florida and this product is not available at the deli counter …are there any stores in the 32548 zip code area? or anywhere in Alabama or Florida area …I travel so maybe I can track it down…..I’m originally from New Jersey and always available….
    Thank you

  3. Where can I buy Hormel’s spiced ham in Portland 0r?
    Will you please let know.

  4. Where can I purchase Hormel Oval Spiced ham, I would love to be able to purchase it on line and have it shipped’ as it is not available in the area that I live.

  5. been looking all over for this , moved from chicago to orlando, and cant find any.

  6. Where can I get this in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area? Or can I order it online?

  7. Carroll, You’ll want to check with Hormel directly or you can contact our customer to see if they’ll ship it to you! http://www.amishfoods.com/

  8. I’d like to have some hormel spiced ham product code 4472 item #110031 delivered to my house are you guys able to do that? Unfortunately I don’t need 45 pounds just 1 pound would do.

  9. How can we order spiced ham ?

  10. how do i order hormel spiced ham to have it shipped to me in williamsburg,ky

  11. If Anyone Ever Does find out where to get the, Hormel Oval Spiced Ham in a can, Please let me know…. Thank You!!!!¡¡¡¡!!!

  12. I recently moved to las vegas nv and I can’t find one grocery store that carries hormel spiced ham. Can you tell me if there is a store in the last vegas area that you ship too? If not how can I go about ordering my own to be shipped to my home?

    Thank you in advance

  13. I am a lover of Oval Spiced Ham…have been for 40 plus years. I am in the St Petersburg / Tampa, FL area and Publix grocery chain carries it. ..I am not positive about our Walmart. Hope you’ll find it….it was one of the lower priced meats, now it’s about 5.99 to 6.99/ #….

  14. I am a great lover of Hormel’s Spice Ham and have been for over 60 years. I was able to buy it in Connecticut, but have moved to Kansas. Where can I buy it here?


  15. Donald we do not distribute to Kansas, so we can not help you! However feel free to contact our customer Amishfoods.com to see if they will ship it for you.

  16. is the spice ham the same as the spice lunch meat

  17. I’ve been looking for the Hormel spiced ham forever! Mom used to buy Hormel spiced ham in Chicago when we were kids. I now live in Texas and would like to know where I can buy or order the spiced ham. Any suggestions? Would love to have a sandwich of this one more time.

  18. I’ll add my request for Hormel oval spiced ham. We used to get it at Stop-N-Shop in New Bedford, MA on trips. They stopped carrying Hormel and now have Wolf’s Head spIced ham — IT IS NOT THE SAME QUALITY! We will travel any reasonable distance from New Bedford, MA or Cleveland, OH. Help!

  19. Is there any place in Nashville TN to buy oval spiced ham.?

  20. True Delicatessans will carry it….it is common in Chicago where I grew up and doted on it — also New York City, Northern NJ and other places where a Deli means a Deli, and not some cheap substitute hiding under the name and thriving on its own limited deli brands.

  21. I grew up in Chicago and will be moving to The Longmont Colorado area, 80534, anywhere near that zip will I be able to find Spiced Ham? For the love of god, please say yes!

  22. Sorry we don’t ship out there.

  23. Thank you for your response, I hope in the future

  24. I live in Hampstead Maryland, where can I buy oval spiced ham

  25. where can I buy oval spiced ham

  26. spiced ham make the best sandwitces .for 70 years.

  27. I live in Oxford, N.Carolina now, but I am willing to travel within a reasonable distance. I grew up in Baltimore, Md. where I could get it everywhere! I am obsessed with Hormel spiced ham and miss it dearly! I have tried other brands but they don’t compare to the flavor of your ham! Is there anywhere withing 50 or so miles I can buy it, or maybe order it online? Please HELP!! Signed, Desperate In North Carolina

  28. I live in SouthCentral PA. WHERE can I buy, or order online, the Hormel Oval spiced ham???

  29. Where can I buy the Spiced Ham in Cleveland area?

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