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Featured Products-Spring Glen Soups

Posted on December 30th, 2013 | Posted in Featured Product

Spring Glen recently came out with 6 new chowders and stews! They are on special for the month of January! We receive Spring Glen products twice a week so that we can have the freshest product available for you, our customers!

Spring Glen was started in 1942 by the Sensenig family.¬† The original intent of the company was to sell the family’s overabundance of baked goods to neighbors. The business soon grew to include local farmer’s market stands, where they quickly established a reputation for selling only the freshest hand-prepared foods.

Hanover Foods acquired Spring Glen in 1990, and purchased Sunnyside Fresh Foods in 1998. Spring Glen has grown from a small family-owned business to a manufacturing facility of over 100,000 square feet, currently employing over 160 people.

The name Spring Glen was derived from cold springs that ran under the facility and were channeled through the plant to cool baked goods

The original recipes are still used today to create the absolute finest in fresh refrigerated foods. Their facility is a USDA approved manufacturing operation following stringent quality control measures and a complete HACCP program.

Item # Description Pack Allowance Off*
SG21624 CHOWDER-COPE’S CORN** 1/10# $.75 off per EA
SG22432 CHOWDER-FISHERMAN’S SEAFOOD** 1/10# $.75 off per EA
SG22912 SOUP-BEEF BARLEY** 1/10# $.75 off per EA
SG49272 SOUP-BUTTERNUT SQUASH** 1/10# $.75 off per EA
SG21864 SOUP-CHICKEN NOODLE”BETTER FOR YOU”** 1/10# $.75 off per EA
SG22494 SOUP-VEGETARIAN VEGETABLE** 1/10# $.75 off per EA
*Sale Allowance runs January 6-31st!
**Denotes Special Order

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