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Supplier of the Month-Devault Foods

Posted on March 1st, 2014 | Posted in Supplier of the Month

Family owned and operated since 1949, Devault Foods has grown into one of the best portion-controlled meat processing companies in the country meeting the needs of almost every foodservice operation. Favorites include their award-winning Mrs. DiFillippo’s meatballs, “Philly-Style” sandwich steaks, hamburgers and ground beef.

Quality products continue to be produced today just as they were when Tom Fillippo opened the “one room butcher shop”.  This includes recent certification of the BRC quality standard audit. The Devault Foods’ family looks forward to exceeding your expectations.

Homestyle 4OZ 80/20 Burger 

Hometown carries the full line of Devault Foods’ products. For more detailed product information click HERE. Take advantage of the the following Devault products that are on special this month!

Product Specials    
Run Date: March 3rd-April 4th
Item # Description Pack Allowance Off
DVF2130 BURGERS-4OZ BIG D 75/25 1/12# $1 off per CS
DVF2140 BURGERS-4OZ HOMESTYLE 75/25 1/10# $1 off per CS
DVF2145 BURGERS-4OZ HOMESTYLE 80/20 1/10# $1 off per CS
DVF2444 BURGERS-4OZ JUICY D HOMESTYLE 80/20 1/10# $1 off per CS
DVF2141 BURGERS-5.3OZ HOMESTYLE 80/20 1/10# $1 off per CS
DVF2115 BURGERS-5.3OZ HOMESTYLE SCORED 75/25 1/10# $1 off per CS
DVF2142 BURGERS-6OZ HOMESTYLE 80/20 1/10# $1 off per CS
DVF2144 BURGERS-8OZ HOMESTYLE 75/25 1/10# $1 off per CS

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