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Featured Products-Angela Mia Particulates and Sauces

Posted on May 26th, 2014 | Posted in Featured Product

Always in Season

To make world-class tomato dishes, you’ve got to start with world-class tomatoes.

That’s why with Angela Mia they:

  • Use select 100% California vine-ripened and sun-nurtured tomatoes that are packed fresh at the peak of the growing season for all of our tomatoes and tomato-based sauces.
  • Create sauces rich with authentic flavor, combining the right balance of seasonings to meet your high expectations.
  • Go from vine to can in a matter of hours to maintain the fresh tomato flavor and color for which they¬†are known.
  • Check and sort each tomato for size and color. With multiple checkpoints, they¬†ensure higher quality, great flavor and beautifully red tomatoes for your dishes.

Hometown’s Product Listing. Click each item for a full item description.

Item# Description Pack
556831 ALFREDO SAUCE** 4/80OZ
990336 PIZZA SAUCE** 6/#10
990375 SPAGHETTI SAUCE-#10 6/#10
990316 TOMATOES-CRUSHED** 6/#10
990301 TOMATOES-STEWED 6/#10
**Special Order Products

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