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Featured Product-Devault Bulk Marinated Sandwich Steak

Posted on September 29th, 2014 | Posted in Featured Product

Devault Bulk Steak (1 of 1)

Our best Devault steak line seller! 100% whole-muscle, beef in bulk pack. For high volume, economy minded operators. 

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Cooking Instructions

1. Preheat a lightly oiled grill to 350°F.
2. Place frozen steak on the grill and cook until the topside of the steak defrosts and becomes a bright red.
3. Flip steak and begin to separate or shred to desired consistency. Be sure to cook thoroughly.
4. As it cooks, blend in desired toppings and seasonings.
5. Place cooked steak on a toasted or heated roll and serve. To ensure food safety, heat all steak products to an internal temperature of 165˚F prior to serving.

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