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Featured Product-Hormel’s Old Smokehouse Pecanwood Bacon 13/17

Posted on December 22nd, 2014 | Posted in Featured Product

Pecanwood bacon

Bacon with a memorable taste, made for operators who want a memorable menu.  Give customers a bacon experience they have never had…one your competition can’t match. It is a bacon that refuses to go unnoticed. It is enticing, provocative and memorable. It’s OLD SMOKEHOUSE® Pecanwood Smoked Bacon. The taste is rich, rounded and robust, with a deep smoke flavor that’s balanced and never overpowering.

Hormel’s unique cure, combined with the smoke of 100% real pecanwood, gives new life to every application you use it in. It is a bacon that customers notice, remember, and return for.

Add the Power of Bacon…OLD SMOKEHOUSE® Pecanwood Smoked Bacon

Pack: 2/10#
Item #: 554025

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