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Supplier of the Month-Denver Meats

Posted on July 1st, 2015 | Posted in Supplier of the Month

Denver Meats is a small family owned business who has been manufacturing the best quality hot dogs and ring bologna since 1969. Hometown Provisions has been selling Hippey products since 1973 as Richard P. Rote and Sons and 1980 as Mellinger Foods. The products, especially the J.Hippey Franks, have quite a following. We have enjoyed doing business with them over the years and hope that you will try this quality product, if you have not done so yet!


Hometown carries Denver Meats complete product line. Click HERE for the product list. Make sure to take advantage of the the following Denver Meats products that are on special this month!

Product Specials***      
Run Date: July 6-31st*
Item # Description Pack Allowance Off
DVM420 FRANKS-BEEF 6-1 12/1# HIPPEY 12/1# $.15 off per LB
DVM411 FRANKS-BEEF 6-1 3# BOX HIPPEY 1/3# $.15 off per LB
DVM418 FRANKS-CHEESE 6-1 12/1# HIPPEY** 12/1# $.15 off per LB
DVM422 FRANKS-JALAPENO/CHS 6-1 12/1# HIPPEY** 12/1# $.15 off per LB
DVM419 FRANKS-REGULAR 6-1 12/1# HIPPEY** 12/1# $.15 off per LB
DVM410 FRANKS-REGULAR 6-1 3#BOX HIPPEY 1/3# $.15 off per LB
DVM402 FRANKS-REGULAR 6-1 6/3#COV HIPPEY 6/3# $.15 off per LB
DVM409 FRANKS-REGULAR 8-1 COV 18/1# HIPPEY** 18/1# $.15 off per LB
 *While supplies last    **Special Order Products    ***Promotions for non Wholesale Distributors

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