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Holiday Cheese Balls

Posted on August 8th, 2016 | Posted in Seasonal Products

It is time to place your Holiday Cheese Ball order!

We have some exciting new flavors available from Kaukauna.

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Email or call in your orders today -Email: orders@hometownprovisions.net -Hometown Tel: 717-464-4165.

Sharp Cheddar Ball Real-aged cheddar generously coated with sliced real almonds. Packed-12/10OZ

Parmesan Ranch Ball Made with aged cheddar and aged parmesan to deliver rich real cheese flavor. Packed-12/10OZ

Port Wine Ball Real port wine and real cheddar cheese add up to one of our best-loved varieties. Packed-12/10OZ

Smoky Bacon Ball Real-aged cheddar cheese makes this traditional blend of flavors even more irresistible. Packed-12/10OZ


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