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Supplier of the Month-Clemens Food Group

Posted on September 30th, 2016 | Posted in Supplier of the Month

Family owned and operated since 1895 and headquartered in Hatfield, PA, Clemens Food Group operates two innovative food production facilities with complete harvesting and manufacturing capabilities that produce a variety of foodservice and retail brands. Click HERE to read the full history of the company.

Clemens food GroupWith a vertically integrated system including hog farming, logistic facilities, and food production, Clemens sources locally raised hogs from more than 100 family farms across the countryside of PA, NY, OH and IN.  Furthermore, they are committed to the highest levels of sustainability and animal welfare by maintaining some of the utmost standards in the industry, with Dr. Temple Grandin designing their harvest facility pens.  Clemens is dedicated to the stewardship of their community, environment and livestock in order to provide solutions to their customers.They also are a growing company! They will be opening a new pork production facility in the Fall of 2017!


Hometown carries a variety of the Clemens brands such as Hatfield, Butcher Wagon, Prima Porta, Nick’s Sausage, Premium Reserve and Red’s Legendary.

Take advantage of the the following Clemens products that are on special this month!

Item # Item Description  Pack Size Allowance Off 
HTF2430 RIBS-RIBEEZ FC 1/2 (PORK WINGS) 36/CS 36/CS $0.05 off per LB
HTF3011 SAUSAGE-HOT ITAL PRIMA PORTA 10# 2/CS 2/10# $1 off per CS
HTF3012 SAUSAGE-SWEET ITAL PRIMA PORTA 10# 2/CS 2/10# $1 off per CS

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