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Supplier of the Month-York Valley Cheese Company

Posted on November 1st, 2016 | Posted in Supplier of the Month

York Valley Cheese Co. enjoys a rich heritage of cheese curing expertise as passed down through four generations over the last eighty-five years.


Situated in the quiet town of Hellam, PA, located in the soft rolling hills of York County close to the Susquehanna River, it was founded in 1925 by M. R. Druck. Originally, the cheeses were cured for sale in the area farmers markets and a selected route of cheese loving customers. As time passed and the exquisite taste of these cheeses were passed by word of mouth the business flourished beyond Mr. Druck’s fondest dreams.


Click HERE to learn more about their cheeses.

Hometown Provisions has been doing business with York Valley for 10 years. We are pleased to spotlight this company and to offer the following savings this month!

Run Date: 11/7-12/2

Item Code Item Description  Pack Size Allowance Off
774018 CHEDDAR-EX SHARP WOOD FLAT 38# DRUCKS 1/38# $0.15 off per LB
774021 CHEDDAR-WHITE MINI BLK WAX 12# DRUCKS 1/12# $0.15 off per LB
774020 CHEDDAR-YELLOW MINI RED WAX 12# DRUCKS 1/12# $0.15 off per LB
558027 CHEESE CURDS-BRD 32/5OZ SQUEAKY CHEESE** 32/5OZ $1 off per CS
558026 CHEESE CURDS-BRD 6/2.5# SQUEAKY CHEESE** 6/2.5# $1 off per CS
558033 CHEESE CURDS-BRD JALAPENO 25/6.4Z SQUEAKY CHEESE** 25/6.4OZ $1 off per CS

**Denotes Special Order

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