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Featured Product-Angela Mia Sauces

Posted on January 30th, 2017 | Posted in Featured Product


Always in Season

To make world-class tomato dishes, you’ve got to start with world-class tomatoes.

That’s why with Angela Mia they:

  • Use select 100% California vine-ripened and sun-nurtured tomatoes that are packed fresh at the peak of the growing season for all of our tomatoes and tomato-based sauces.
  • Create sauces rich with authentic flavor, combining the right balance of seasonings to meet your high expectations.
  • Go from vine to can in a matter of hours to maintain the fresh tomato flavor and color for which they are known.
  • Check and sort each tomato for size and color. With multiple checkpoints, they ensure higher quality, great flavor and beautifully red tomatoes for your dishes.

Hometown’s Product Listing. Click each item for a full item description.


Item# Description Pack
990336 PIZZA SAUCE** 6/#10
990375 SPAGHETTI SAUCE-#10 6/#10
990316 TOMATOES-CRUSHED** 6/#10
990289 TOMATOES-DICED** 6/#10
990301 TOMATOES-STEWED 6/#10
**Special Order Products

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