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Supplier of the Month-C.W. Dunnet & Co.

Posted on April 1st, 2017 | Posted in Supplier of the Month

C.W. Dunnet & Co. is an independent redistributor, known as the “Distributor’s Distributor.” They are a company to trust for quality, service, reliability and value since 1935. They have loyally been serving their customers for over 75 years and Hometown Provisions since 1989. Through the years they continue to honor their tradition of excellence and look forward to sharing in the successes of their customers. Aside from providing Hometown with well known brands, such as Tyson and Patriot Pickles, C.W. Dunnet provides us with their Liberty Bell label.




Take advantage of the the following C.W. Dunnet products that are on special this month!

Run Date: April 3rd-28th

Tyson Products
Item # Item Description  Pack  Allowance Off
553108 CHICKEN PATTIES-GLAZED GRILL MARK FC 3822 100/3.1OZ $.50 off per CS
553007 CHICKEN-FILLET BRD FC 3.5OZ 38361 2/5# $.50 off per CS
553112 CHICKEN-STRIPS GRILLED BRST SELECT FC 38355 2/5# $.50 off per CS
553113 CHICKEN-TENDER FRITTER FC RED 38320 2/5# $.50 off per CS
553039 CHICKEN-TENDER FRITTER UC 2.1OZ 18617 2/5# $.50 off per CS
553104 CHICKEN-TENDER STEAKHOUSE UC 16268 2/5# $.50 off per CS
553040 CHICKEN-TENDER UC BRANDYWINE 76156 2/5# $.50 off per CS
553190 CHICKEN-WINGS BNLS BRD RTC 20541 2/5# $.50 off per CS
553131 WINGS-OVEN ROASTED 3303 3/5# $.50 off per CS
Golden Legacy
Item # Item Description  Pack  Allowance Off
GL40011 TURKEY-BREAST WHOLE 15% BAG 40011 2/9.5# $.03 off per LB

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