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Supplier of the Month-GariMark Foods

Posted on August 1st, 2017 | Posted in Supplier of the Month

GariMark Foods, founded in 1999, is a family owned and operated chicken company out of Georgia. They sell all of the premium, pre-browned, ready-to-cook and fully cooked chicken tenders, fillets, wings, patties and nuggets that you need to satisfy your customer demands. GariMark Foods, Inc. strives to create value for Foodservice Distributors, Foodservice Operators and Customers by designing and manufacturing signature products that meet or exceed customer expectations – every time.

GariMark Logo

Hometown carries a variety of GariMark products. Click HERE for the complete list. Take advantage of the the following GariMark products that are on special this month!

Run Date: July 31-September 1st

Item Code Item Description  Pack Size Allowance Off
553074 CHICKEN-DICED WHITE 1/2″ FC 2/5# $1 off per CS
553180 CHICKEN-FILLET BRD ITAL FC 4.7OZ 2/5# $1 off per CS
553038 CHICKEN-FILLET BRD ITAL FC 7OZ 2/5# $1 off per CS
553074 CHICKEN-FILLET BRD UC 4OZ 10# 2/5# $1 off per CS
553075 CHICKEN-GRILL MARK FC 4OZ 10# 2/5# $1 off per CS
553069 CHICKEN-TENDER FRITTER UC 10# 2/5# $1 off per CS

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