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Supplier of the Month-Godshall’s Premium Meat and Turkey Products

Posted on May 1st, 2018 | Posted in Supplier of the Month

Godshall’s Quality Meats began as a local butcher shop with two employees in 1945. Their specialty meat products rapidly became so popular that the company is now in the third generation and distributes nationally. With state-of-the-art facilities in Telford and Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Godshall’s ensures the cleanliness and quality that you’ve come to expect, with the small-town legacy that sets them apart. When looking for quality, dependable meat and specialty items, turn to Godshall’s.

Godshall’s is uniquely positioned today to provide all your foodservice processed meat needs, from their world famous turkey bacons to deli meats, sausages, pizza toppings and Deen Halal product line. All crafted with the attention to quality that made Godshall’s the town favorite back in 1945.

Sale Pricing
Run Dates: May 7-June 1

Item # Item Description  Pack Size Allowance Off
GOD105 BACON-TURKEY SLAB GODSHALLS 8/5.75# $4.60 off per CS
WVR402 BEEF STICK-HOT 5970 WEAVERS 2/2.5# $.50 off per CS
WVR401 BEEF STICK-MILD 5960 WEAVERS 2/2.5# $.50 off per CS

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