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Featured Product-Garimark Ready-to-Cook Golden Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Fritters

Posted on June 25th, 2018 | Posted in Featured Product

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With a crispy outside and moist, juicy inside, these Garimark Foods ready-to-cook Golden breaded chicken tenderloin fritters make it easy to offer full-bodied flavor with a protein-packed punch. These chicken tender fritters are smothered in a savory garlic-infused breading prior to pre-browning. The crunchy, golden-brown, crispy outside makes them an iconic addition to any menu. Dip them in your signature sweet or spicy sauces for a sensational appetizer or entree, or slice them to top fresh-from-the-garden house salads. They’re great for use in sandwiches and wraps, or as part of a larger sampler platter, too.

These chicken tender fritters make it easy to offer consistent portion sizes without the hassle of cutting and weighing chicken prior to service. Simply take them out of your freezer and cook by baking or deep frying until the proper internal temperature is reached. Since they’re ready-to-cook, they’re sure to save you on precious prep time in your busy kitchen. Regardless of how you prepare them, they are sure to become your customers’ favorite.

Garimark Foods is driven to provide quality products and excellent service to the foodservice industry. With a dedication to continually come up with innovative solutions and ideas, they have accommodated the particular needs of a wide variety of businesses with success. They ensure that their products have the best value so you can serve Garimark Foods products with complete confidence!

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