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Featured Product-Devault Foods 6 oz. Homestyle 75/25 Beef Burger

Posted on December 10th, 2018 | Posted in Featured Product

Add delicious flavors to your menu with Devault Foods 6 oz. Homestyle 75/25 beef burgers. These burgers are made of a 75/25 all-beef blend, which means they are 75% lean meat and 25% fat. A 75/25 blend is ideal for making those juicy, flavorful burgers that have a rich taste whether cooked medium-rare or well done. Homestyle burgers also boast a traditional and classic shape, ideal for making comfort foods or family favorites.

Able to be cooked on a charcoal grill, flat top grill, stove-top, or in an oven, these burgers will bring a versatile addition to your restaurant. The 6 oz. size of these patties is ideal for making thick, juicy sandwiches for your customers. Keep these burgers on hand to make sandwiches full of rich, savory flavors.

A family run business since 1949, Devault Foods has transformed into a national name in meat production. Many of their recipes began as family favorites and have become their most popular products. Their success is due to modern machinery and strict quality control that ensures not only a delicious product, but safe and sanitary production as well. Devault Foods is committed to continuing to provide fresh and high-quality meats to restaurants, food stands, convenience stores, and delis across the nation.

Beef Blend 72/25
Beef Type Prepared Meats – Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
Frozen Foods Yes
Made in America Yes
Meat Variety Beef
Portion Weight 6 Ounces
Item # DVF2142

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